Speratum's Technologies

Nano-inTM: a novel platform for nucleic acid drug delivery

Nano-inTM is a novel, polymer-based delivery system for nucleic acids that combines two widely used polymers involved in drug delivery (PEI and PLGA) to generate a new biocompatible material, LGA-PEI.

LGA-PEI-based nanoparticles possess physicochemical characteristics that make them a promising alternative for in vitro transfection of nucleic acids into a vast number of cell lines. More importantly, their favorable toxicity profile makes them a viable and exciting candidate for in vivo therapeutic development of both targeted and systemic nucleic acid therapies, with broad potential spanning many applications.


NoPassTM oligonucleotides: a molecular scaffold for RNA interference

NoPass oligonucleotides are a reprogrammable, combinatorial, and flexible platform engineered for robust RNA interference.

The NoPass design enables non-canonical microRNA and siRNA processing for efficacious stoichiometric administration of single or multiple siRNAs and miRNAs while limiting potential off-target effects.

miR-198: A powerful tumor suppressor therapeutic

Work first conducted at Baylor College of Medicine led to the identification of microRNA miR-198 as an important tumor suppressor in a number of solid cancers.

Our lead candidate therapeutic is currently in late stages of non-clinical development. We combine our Nano-inTMand NoPassTM platform technologies to deliver specialized synthetic mimics of miR-198 to tumors intravenously, leading to safe and effective cancer therapy.