Delivering hope through innovation

Our mission at Speratum is to develop innovative, breakthrough science for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

Our technologies

We are developing a new therapeutic platform that can unlock the potential of microRNA and siRNA-directed medicines by combining synthetic oligonucleotide biology with a revolutionary drug delivery system.

We use our molecular platform to generate cutting-edge therapeutics based on synthetic miRNA mimic designs, adaptable to virtually any miRNA molecule.

We have engineered a revolutionary new biodegradable polymer for safe and effective therapeutic delivery of nucleic acids, called Nano-in

Our Technologies

Our lead therapeutic candidate, miR-198, targets the molecular mechanisms involved in pancreatic, ovarian cancer and liver cancer progression.

Nano-in tecnology can deliver different synthetic miRNA mimics to cancer cells, restoring levels of downregulated miRNAs with high efficacy and low toxicity. Nano-in + miR-198 mimic is headed to the clinic as the first of Speratum’s novel class of targeted, molecular therapies against the deadliest cancers.

Our Technologies

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