Leadership Team

Christian Marin-Müller, PhD.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Co-inventor of Speratum’s technologies
PhD in Molecular Virology and Microbiology
Baylor College of Medicine
MSc Entrepreneurship
Case Western Reserve University
BS Florida Tech

About the Founder: Dr. Marin-Müller has 13+ years of experience in RNA interference and drug delivery research. He dedicated his doctoral and post-doctoral studies to advancing what are now Speratum’s core technologies from basic science to their current phase of translational development. He has been a consultant for over a dozen companies and institutions and has founded multiple startups and during the coronavirus pandemic has been a recurring guest on television to provide the public with guidance.

Dr. Marin-Müller is a founding member of the Scientific Ethics Committee of the Costa Rican Ministry of Health and serves on the Pandemic Response Task Force of the Ministry of Health. He is a founding member of CR Biomed, the premier biotechnology and medical device life science cluster in the region. He is a certified European Class C Animal Facility Director and founded the first AAALAC-certified animal care and use program in Central America. Dr. Marin-Müller has presented at over two dozen scientific conferences, and has won over 20 international awards for basic research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He currently lectures at the University of Medical Sciences of Costa Rica (UCIMED), the University of Costa Rica (UCR), and the National University of Costa Rica (UNA). He is a technical reviewer for UCIMED’s Health and Science magazine and is a member of the Aspen Institute and the Central American Leadership Initiative


The Leadership Team

Speratum has assembled a talented team of scientists, doctors, and executives to achieve our high impact mission

Osvaldo Vega-Martínez, MS

Chief Science Officer Co-inventor of Speratum’s core tech 5+ years of experience managing and executing translational biotechnology research.
MS in Human Genomics University of Costa Rica

Speratum’s executive advisors round out a unique team with a varied repertoire of the skills and experience needed to succeed in the bench-to-clinic development of our drug product.

Allan Boruchowicz, BS

Founder and Managing Director, Carao Ventures 7+ years working with and investing in startups in Latin America and the U.S. 12+ years of experience managing private equity investments BS in Finance, Babson College

Andy Weyman, MD, MBA

Former CMO of Smith+Nephew Investor, executive, director, or advisor in a number of different boards in biotech and pharma companies. More than 25 years of experience in medical devices, regenerative medicine, and biotechnology

Peter Heeckt, MD, PhD

Adjunct Professor of Surgery University of Ulm Former CMO, Bioventus, Smith+Nephew Medical Director, Fresenius 20+ years of diverse industry leadership in major medical device and biotechnology companies

Thilo Bayrhoffer, MD, MBA

Physician, strategy consultant, and business development executive with global experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device fields. Focused on marketing analytics, forecasting, valuation, and portfolio strategy development.

Our foundational technologies were coinvented by our founder and academic advisors during doctoral and post doctoral studies at Baylor College of Medicine

Qizhi Yao, MD, PhD

Baylor College of Medicine Professor, Molecular Virology & Microbiology Professor, Pathology and Immunology RNAi-based therapeutics, and HIV vaccine development. Over 150+ publications Co-inventor of Speratum’s core technologies

Changyi Chen, MD, PhD

Baylor College of Medicine Director, Molecular Surgeon Center Professor and Director, Translational Labs Molecular Surgery Endowed Chair Senior Member,
National Academy of Inventors Over 200+ publications. Co-inventor of Speratum’s core technologies

Jian-Ming Lu, MS, PhD

Baylor College of Medicine Assistant Professor of Surgery Division of Surgical Oncology. 20+ years focusing on basic science and translational development projects in clinical diseases, including pancreatic cancer. Co-inventor of Speratum’s core technologies