About Us

Speratum CR, S.A. (“the Company” or “Speratum”), is a biotechnology company dedicated to research and development (R&D) of targeted molecular therapies for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

Based on a decade of foundational science at Baylor College of Medicine (“BCM”), Speratum – “hope” in Latin- was founded to develop an effective treatment for pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Christian Marin-Müller, Speratum’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, led the research that identified a miR-198, a powerful tumor-suppressing molecule that regulates important factors associated with the aggressiveness of pancreatic cancer.

In pancreatic cancer, miR-198 expression decreases and leads the deregulation of several target factors contributing to the aggressive of the disease.

Dr. Marin-Müller founded Speratum to translate the basic scientific hypothesis of restoring the miR-198 expression in tumors into a promising therapeutic alternative against pancreatic cancer.